Campers graduate out of our Camp HOPE America program every year but are still eager to be involved. Cherishing their experience, they often have the desire to return and invest in others.

Eduardo from Tulsa, Oklahoma knew the countless ways Camp HOPE America could benefit a child who has been impacted by domestic violence. Upon graduating from high school, he became eligible to be a counselor that summer for Camp HOPE America – Oklahoma through the Tulsa Family Safety Center. He attended an overnight training held at their partner camp, participated in additional training provided by the YMCA, and attended all the orientations with campers and their families leading up to camp.

During the week of camp, Eduardo stayed actively engaged and was an impactful role model for the campers in his cabin group, according to Karen Smith, Camp HOPE America Site Coordinator for the Tulsa Family Safety Center. She also emphasized that he continued to be a great mentor at their various year-round activities. He was a strong example to the campers, displaying that there are potential positions for them with Camp HOPE America after graduation where they can stay involved and offer their experiences to those with similar backgrounds. Eduardo has shown other campers that they have the opportunity to be an influential part of the Camp HOPE America family for a lifetime.

Eduardo proved to be a tremendous asset to the team being the only adult staff member who could speak Spanish fluently. In recognition of his time volunteering with Camp HOPE America, the Tulsa Family Safety Center honored him with an award at their annual meeting in October of 2018.

Eduardo’s high hope has created a pathway to his dreams. With eagerness, he plans on going into law enforcement in the near future.


By Alexa Peterson