The Goodnight Song

This song was written by the Founding Director of Camp HOPE America, Karianne Johansen (Gwinn).

"My dad called me and asked me to write a song that campers could sing each night to close out the day. 'When do you need the song, Dad?' 'Camp starts in two days, so any time between now and then would be great.' I laughed out loud. Classic Casey Gwinn. Once we hung up the phone, I was on a mission. I sat down and closed my eyes. Various words floated into my mind. 'Safe,' 'at peace,' 'loved,' and more. As I solo-brainstormed, I wanted to create something that encompassed all of what Camp HOPE America is and stands for and this is what was created." - Karianne Johansen

The Camp HOPE America Goodnight Song

The sun's gone down, it's time to go

Tomorrow will be great, I know

Let's celebrate and give God thanks

For all that we have done today

Tonight I'm safe, I am at peace

And look at all these friends surrounding me

Let's go to sleep and dream sweet dreams

Tomorrow HOPE will rise again

Tomorrow HOPE will rise again