Please take a moment and watch LoveStruck, a national documentary on domestic violence that was recently released on YouTube.  It includes a focus on Camp HOPE America and the visionary work and leadership of Casey Gwinn, co-founder of Alliance for HOPE International and the founder of Camp HOPE America.  Casey is a national leader in the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) movement.  Casey and Dr. Vincent Felitti, co-principal investigator of the ACE Study, have collaborated on multiple projects and share a desire to help victims of trauma break the cycle of violence for themselves and their children.

Camp HOPE is a nationally recognized camping and mentoring program for children who witness domestic violence. The documentary’s producer, Hannelore Gomes, is a survivor of childhood trauma and is helping everyone understand the impact of growing up with childhood trauma and domestic violence.  At Camp HOPE 2015, the average ACE score was seven with several campers recording an ACE score of 10.

Hannelore produced LoveStruck in partnership with  In LoveStruck, she interviews survivors, perpetrators and professionals who tell the truth about violence and abuse in their homes, relationships, and lives.  She also talks to children attending Camp HOPE in Northern California.  These brave children share their experiences and the impact trauma and abuse has had on them.

From LoveStruck:

“In America we raise our criminals at home and the vast majority of people we put in jails and prisons for all crimes in America, come out of homes with some mix of child abuse and domestic violence and/or drugs and alcohol.  The vast majority! And if we want to change that, we are not going to build more prisons. We’re not going to build better prisons or bigger prisons, we’re going to go back to childhood for all of them and we’re going to focus on giving them cheerleaders and pathways to hope…that’s how we will change the world.”  – Casey Gwinn, Esq.

Casey Gwinn is the author of Cheering for the Children: Creating Pathways to HOPE for Children Exposed to Trauma.  His new book features the ACE Study and highlights the benefit of Camp HOPE America.  It offers strategies for professionals, parents, and others working with children exposed to trauma.  Click here to purchase Cheering for the Children.



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