Camp HOPE America – California, Shasta has been hosting camp since 2012. Throughout the years, their Camp HOPE America program has seen the importance of community and bring not only campers together year-round, but also counselors.

“Camp HOPE America – California, Shasta’s 2017/2018 has been a whirlwind of successes and breakthroughs. The power of Camp HOPE America remains a staple in our community! Since camp we have held fundraisers galore, community-funded events, nature hikes with Nature Nick, spa parties, and sponsored dance classes. Additionally, we’ve held three massively large reunion parties to help strengthen bonds between campers, counselors, mentors, and families.

We’ve also held three Counselor Fun Nights. Our counselors are quite connected, and it’s important to celebrate them for the world-changers they are and for all that they give during camp and beyond!” – Family Dynamics Resouce team” – Patty Price, Camp HOPE America Shasta Director

We love partnering with Family Dynamics Resource Center. Thanks for all that you’re doing to create hope and healing in Shasta County!