By Megan Staab: Director of Children’s Services

We from Camp HOPE America – Louisiana are literally counting down the days until our Camp HOPE.. 47 days until we travel to Carolina Creek in Huntsville, Texas!!

We were incredibly lucky to have been chosen as one of the Verizon Foundation’s Camp HOPE America Grant Recipients in 2016. Being selected allowed us to attend Camp HOPE America – California at Kidder Creek Ranch Camp in Northern California last summer. Nicole Snyder, and I observed and experienced camp firsthand and learned some valuable lessons about the program. Nicole is quite fond of the great outdoors and a former camp counselor! So she was a perfect addition to the Camp HOPE America- Louisiana team.

I had never been to an overnight camp before, so I felt just like many of the campers who were experiencing camp for the first time. I stayed with the same group of campers for the week, which meant that I observed and assisted in their daily activities. They had two exceptional camp counselors who were attentive, engaged, enthusiastic, and kind. The campers showed bravery and fearlessness throughout the week. I saw them grow every single day and by the end of the week we were a family. It was thrilling, challenging, exciting, and heartwarming. It was an experience I will never ever forget.

The Camp HOPE America – Louisiana staff is going to be led by three children’s counselors: Myself, Nicole, and Katelyn Powell our bilingual children’s counselor. We couldn’t be more excited about Camp HOPE this summer. One of the best things about planning for Camp HOPE America – Louisiana has been telling the campers that they get to come to Camp!! It is literally the best feeling in the world. The children light up and their enthusiasm is contagious. For summer 2017, we have all of our campers selected and we’re gearing up for our Pre-camp party and our counselor training. Camp is right around the corner and I have to say as daunting as that is, we are just as excited!!