This week, we are excited to highlight our friends from Camp HOPE America – Oklahoma, Palomar! As Palomar is coming into it’s 3rd summer of camp, return campers are excited to welcome new friends into the Camp HOPE America family!

“YO! YO! YO! We are so close to our 3rd summer of Camp HOPE America – Oklahoma, Palomar! This past week volunteer counselors and leadership staff have spent their time training for this life changing experience! We are all very excited to welcome new and returning campers into this Camp HOPE America family!

Before we even loaded the bus for our 2nd year of camp last year, returning campers immediately took new campers under their wings; teaching the Camp HOPE America clap, repeat after me songs, and reassuring their new friends that this would be the best week. In June, over half of our campers from last year will be joining us for another great week! When a 3rd year camper was asked what they were looking forward to at camp this summer they replied; “I can’t wait to meet new people & be friends with them after camp!” I myself am thrilled to see the growth in all these campers attending Camp HOPE America – Oklahoma, Palomar this summer and years to come!”

Kellen Mack – Kids HOPE Coordinator from Palomar Oklahoma City’s Family Justice Center, Camp HOPE America – Oklahoma, Palomar