Tune in to www.blogtalkradio.com/3women3ways to listen to Camp HOPE America’s Founder, Casey Gwinn, Esq., talk about the latest research on the Pathways to HOPE Project.

From Heather Stark, Host of 3Women3Ways:

We’re learning more and more about how trauma in childhood impacts just about everything in adulthood. But it’s pretty much impossible to get through childhood without experiencing some sort of trauma. So what do we do to help ensure healthy people, a stable society, and a good future?

Alliance for HOPE International has focused intensively on the correlations between witnessing domestic violence as a child and juvenile delinquency as well as adult illness, disease, and criminality. They developed Camp HOPE America for kids who witness domestic violence. And they have a new program, supported by solid research, to give hope to children of trauma.

Casey Gwinn, president of Alliance for HOPE International, author, former San Diego City Attorney, and a leader in the President’s Initiative to create national Family Justice Centers, joins us to talk about the program, its results, and why it could reshape the future for kids exposed to trauma.

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