Casey Gwinn and Camp HOPE America Featured on Rise Up Radio in San Diego.

“Most people we are putting into prison and jails in America today have grown up in homes with some mix of child abuse, domestic violence, and or some drug or alcohol abuse.” Former San Diego City Attorney Casey Gwinn explained recently when he sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts, James Carmody and Jared Kelley. Gwinn who was city attorney for 10 years left his position in 2004. While serving in the position, Gwinn opened up the San Diego Family Justice Center in San Diego. The Family Justice Center was created to help victims of child abuse, domestic abuse, sexual assault and human trafficking. During the first five years of the Justice Center’s operation, San Diego saw an almost 90% drop in homicides. Unfortunately, Gwinn said after he left office his successor didn’t support the center and pulled all the staff out. Through Alliance for Hope International, an organization close to Gwinn’s heart is working to rebuild that up again. Alliance for Hope International so far has 137 centers throughout the United States that give victims a place to go to get help without having to be bounced from agency to agency. The goal is to bring all the agencies working together. One program that is a part of the Alliance of Hope is Camp Hope America, the largest camping program in the US that sends children who have been victims of physical abuse or have been witness to domestic violence to camp for a week. The camping experience brings hope to the children who attend. “You can love these kids at eight, nine or 10 or you can wait and lock them up at 17, 18 or 20 and then say you’re tough on crime,” said Gwinn.

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1.  Learn more about the Impact Camp Hope America is making to break the generational cycle of family violence by visiting their website at Camp Hope America