Catherine Johnson, the Director of the Guilford County Family Justice Center, describes their week hosting Camp HOPE America – North Carolina, Guilford County as a transformational experience for all; “The months and weeks of planning charted a course to discovery, adventure, healing, and hope.

Throughout the week, campers shared their dreams and talked about their struggles. They also connected with other campers who shared similar journeys, helping each of them discover their internal power to identify new pathways and establish new, healthy relationships.

Passing the swim test was a huge undertaking for some of our campers. Anna used swim time each afternoon to take swim lessons with a counselor. She was determined to improve her skills and move up a swim level by the end of camp. Mid-week, Anna was ready to retake the swim test. With 25 campers cheering her on from the side of the pool, stroke by stroke Anna was able to accomplish her goal and pass the test. Not only did Anna have support, passing the swim test opened the door for Anna to share her relationship with her mother and be reminded of the joy they once shared together.

In addition to stories of camper’s success, counselor and volunteers were also tremendously impacted.

“Since Camp HOPE, if anyone was to ask me about my experience I wouldn’t be able to stop talking because of how immensely it impacted me. Camp HOPE America impacted me in ways I could have never imagined when I boarded the bus to camp. In the beginning, I was slightly apprehensive of what to expect but filled with curiosity and excitement. As soon as I met the girls in my cabin we were almost immediately friends, we all shared the same enthusiasm for camp and getting to know one another. These girls significantly impacted the person I am today, their strength and resilience are truly inspiring. I am so honored to have had the opportunity to volunteer for an organization that is noticeably dedicated to further preventing domestic violence.”- Camp HOPE America- North Carolina, Guilford County Camper Counselor 2017. ”