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Final Campfire Ideas

Camp HOPE America - Andrea
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I had the privilege of attending camp at One Safe Place in Texas a few weeks ago. The final campfire activity was so amazing that I would like to briefly share it here.

On our final night at camp and as our final time together (other than breakfast the next day), all campers and counselors were asked to write one of their dreams on a piece of wish paper. The wish paper is somewhat like tissue paper, meant to burn so your dreams and wishes can take flight. Our campfire location overlooked a lake...the perfect location for this activity.

Four HOPE leaders and staff members (Michelle, Laura, John and Brian) were on the stage and one by one each camper came up with their wish paper. The camper went to one of the HOPE leaders and had a private and personal conversation about their dream, their time at camp, etc. The HOPE leader lit the wish paper and held it out above the lake. We were all honored to watch each person's dream take flight on the wings of wish paper. The only sound was the soothing melody playing softly and quietly. Every camper, counselor and staff member felt the emotion of this moment and respected the silence. I watched as campers and then counselors returned to their seats, most, if not all, with tears in their eyes. It was a moment in time that I did not want to end. I could have sat there for hours just being in the moment. One of the main goals of our camps is to provide a space where our kids can feel safe, seen, heard, encouraged, and cared for. Watching our kids throughout the week, feeling safe and carefree, and then ending with such vulnerability and trust, proves that we are meeting our goals at Camp HOPE America. Being there in that moment with these amazing kids, as well as counselors and staff, is a memory that I will always cherish.  

Thank you to Michelle and One Safe Place for such a magical final campfire.

Please share any and all campfire ideas and activities that you have.