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Mentoring Tips #1

Jamal Stroud
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Sometimes you have to go to people if people won't come to you. The folks who are fantastic at volunteering their time are rare, and most people have so many other daily commitments that volunteering seems impossible. How do you find adults who, when asked, would be glad to help out? Mainly, this can take place through effective advertising.

Some excellent ways to get your organization's name out on the street:


  • Hold a one-hour informational meeting that explains what your program does


  • Post flyers in schools and youth clubs and ask teachers and youth leaders to spread the word


  • Inform parents by telephone, newsletter, or face-to-face contact, of your program


  • Invite your friends to become mentors


  • Ask your friends to ask their friends to become mentors


  • Ask community leaders to suggest individuals who would make good mentors


  • Ask business leaders to introduce you to individuals who show initiative and leadership on the job


  • Place ads in the local and school papers to inform the public about your mentoring program


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