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Pathway Activities/Suggestions (Virtual & In-Person)

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I would love to get feedback on what other sites have done or will do for pathway activities!Right now, we are operating in a virtual space. We are launching pathways soon and Im open to the possibilities of what it could be for our community. Please share your thoughts & ideas 😀 Thanks and Happy Holidays!


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Jamal Stroud
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Happy Holidays! Thank you for posting this question. As we all are developing a new normal nationwide, some sites still use virtual and in-person Pathways (Hybrid).

Virtual Ideas:
-Art and music workshop
-Virtual tours/learning (college, art museums, etc.)

STEM activities (I can send you some ideas)
Gardening and connecting to hope
Building blocks to success (I can give you more details)

Over the years, we have realized that when a participant has a Hope Coach, they can cultivate positive relationships in other aspects of their lives and social attitudes that positively affect others around them. I would love to connect with you offline for a detailed response. I can be reached at