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Discounts for students: take your student's one and save!

Як оформити міжнародний студентський квиток

The state gives students certain privileges and benefits. For example, deferral from military service, leave to pass the session, when it comes to working students, material assistance from the trade union. In another variety of discounts. The most famous and frequently used of these is buying train tickets. Less often, students remember about a discount on public transport.

But this is not the whole list of benefits that a student card provides. With its help, you can get significant discounts on the purchase of a variety of useful programs and applications. We, the experts of the essay assistant, decided to take a closer look and tell you how to save money on applications as a student.

Five discounts a student can get

  1. Apple Music. An app from Apple that provides access to a library of millions of audio tracks. In addition, it includes an Internet radio station that plays songs hand-picked by leading music professionals. Among other features, it is worth noting the saving of selected tracks to a smartphone in order to listen to them online afterwards. An individual license costs $ 9.99, for students it will cost $ 4.99.
  2. Spotify. A service where you can listen to podcasts and any music compositions online. The database contains over 50 million songs and thousands of new files are added every day. Subscriptions for Android and iPhone owners are $ 4.99. Students will be able to use the app for only $ 2.99. It opens access to a media library, lyrics and stories about the creation of songs from the artists themselves, the selection of compositions according to specified preferences, and much more.
  3. YouTube Premium. Here you can download and watch other people's videos, films, clips and leave comments. This incredibly popular service has recently been annoying with the amount of ads that are launched at the most interesting moment. An ad-free personal subscription only costs a few dollars. But the Student, taking into account the discount, will pay only one and a half dollars. The application gives the user one month of free testing to evaluate the entire comfort of watching videos without advertising inserts. As a bonus, he will receive the ability to save videos, access to exclusive series and films, background music and video playback. The eligibility for the discount must be confirmed annually.
  4. Adobe. Among the company's products there are such well-known and popular programs among students as Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, Lightroom, Illustrator, Premiere. The company takes the fight against piracy very seriously, the reason for which is too high prices for residents of many countries. To end the intellectual property infringement, she decided to give students discounts. Developers provide access to a $ 60 software package with a 60% discount. That is, it will cost students $ 20. Access opens to 20 of the most popular Adobe programs.
  5. Prezi. A site where you can create awesome presentations. An excellent alternative to the annoying Microsoft PowerPoint. The fact that it is used by 80% of Fortune Global 500 firms speaks of the wide possibilities of the service. Here students are given free access to the Standard plan, where you can create and share an unlimited number of files. The Plus package will cost $ 7 instead of the regular $ 19 price. With its help, voice memos, video insertion and export in PDF format will become available.


It is worth saying that the money saved must be spent wisely. If you feel that you cannot close a subject or write a term paper, for example, in pyton, then we will always be happy to help you We guarantee that the money saved on homework help will be a very good investment.

Discounts will disappear along with the student card. So seize the moment and try new apps. If you would like to learn more useful life hacks for students, you can always refer to our blog

We hope this article has brought you the most benefits you haven't heard of before!



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