As part of Camp HOPE America – California, San Diego’s Pathways to HOPE Project, staff took high school aged participates to tour multiple colleges in Southern California throughout the month of January 2018. Staff planned extensive trips to UCLA, California State University – Long Beach, San Diego State, and the University of San Diego. Tours were led by former Camp HOPE America campers who have become counselors and are now college students. Youth learned how to apply to college, what classes they need to take in high school, and how to be a productive college student. Using iPads generously donated by The Verizon Foundation, staff held a scavenger hunt on each campus for youth to take pictures and learn more about what their journey to post-secondary education might look like. When looking up the admissions statistics at one school on her iPad, a camper realized her dream and proudly proclaimed, “I could get in here!”.  This event inspires youth to believe in themselves, showing them they can accomplish anything with hard work and determination. By having their counselors show them around their current colleges, youth were able to see that their past does not define their future. Staff at Camp HOPE America and the Pathways to HOPE Project have found that these college tour events have opened the eyes to many campers to colleges, campers who might not have thought that college was possible at one point.