Camp HOPE America 

Camp HOPE America is the first nationwide camping and mentoring initiative in the United States to focus on children exposed to domestic violence. Camp HOPE America grew out of the vision and work of the San Diego Family Justice Center, the Family Justice Center Alliance ( and Alliance for HOPE International ( The vision for Camp HOPE America is to break the generational cycle of family violence by offering healing and hope to children who have witnessed family violence. Camp HOPE America provides weeklong camping experiences for children at no cost to them or their families.

HOPE Stories

Tara – Camp HOPE America Counselor

Tara is a Camp HOPE America Counselor and a student at San Diego State University. She aspires to be a Doctor of Psychology and further her education. She is also a survivor of childhood trauma. “I want to be successful…I am not letting what happened in the past affect that.”

Please watch Tara’s story. She is a HOPE Hero!

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Misty Rose – Camper

Misty Rose wants to be a Senator.  She knows what she wants and how to go about it.  Life wasn’t always this clear for Misty Rose.  At a very young age, she was separated from her Mom and that lead her down the path of depression.  Misty Rose adopted unhealthy coping mechanisms and was hurting herself.  Around that time, she started attending Camp HOPE America – California.  Her time with other campers, counselors and adults turned her young life around.  Please watch her story.


Dalia – Camper

When Dalia first came to Camp HOPE America – California in 2013, she was withdrawn, wore a beanie cap covering her forehead and eyes most of the week, and didn’t make connections like the other campers. But at the end of summer at Camp Reunion Party, Dalia shared that she had a “good time” at camp and wanted to return.

And return she has! Year after year, Camp HOPE America welcomed Dalia and she continued to open up more and more.  Dalia began to trust the staff, counselors, and her fellow campers. Now, Dalia is the life of the camp. She is usually front and center, participating in the camp songs and activities with passion and commitment. On her last night of camp this year, Dalia was given a Character Trait Award for Leadership. Her counselors praised her for engaging others, for watching out for her cabin mates, and for her zest for life. It has been truly magical to see her transformation over the years.


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