Camp HOPE America, under Alliance for HOPE International, has focused intensively on the correlations between witnessing domestic violence as a child and juvenile delinquency, adult illness, disease, and criminality. The Alliance developed Camp HOPE America specifically for children and teens impacted by domestic violence.

We work with the University of Oklahoma and their research team, led by Dr. Chan Hellman, to use the Science of Hope to gauge the success of our program. Hope reflects an individual’s capacity to develop pathways and dedicate agency toward desirable goals. Hope is assessed using the Children’s Hope Scale, which examines the extent to which children believe they can establish pathways to their goals as well as develop and maintain the drive to follow through. Each year, we see a significant increase of hope in each of our campers, thereby affirming our vision at Camp HOPE America.

The University of Oklahoma’s Center of Applied Research for Non-Profit Organizations has hailed Camp HOPE America as a “pathway of hope” for children who witness domestic violence (Hellman, Chancellor, 2014). The U.S. Department of Justice, Blue Shield of California Foundation, and many others have recognized also the success of Camp HOPE America. Most recently, the American Evaluation Association (www.eval.org) selected Camp HOPE America and its research outcomes for special recognition in November 2016 at their national conference.

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To download the University of Oklahoma’s 2015 Camp HOPE America – California evaluation, click here. OU Report v5.cdr