Verizon puts a major emphasis on volunteerism; domestic violence being one of five of their main focuses. This year, Camp HOPE America had the immense privilege of being their domestic violence beneficiary.


On October 2nd, the Human Resources staff and other leaders from Verizon hosted their annual Wireless Leadership Academy in Milwaukee. These staff kicked off their event by organizing the group of over 300 attendees to fill HOPE Bags with various items and handwritten notes with words of encouragement for Camp HOPE America campers around the nation. Over one thousand bags were stuffed in less than half an hour!

HOPE Bags were a simple, but meaningful way for people to contribute to the cause that Camp HOPE America is working for. There are so many ways you can support the children that attend camp each year too by donating school supplies, hygiene kits, clothing, toys, and other items. It is astounding the difference even the smallest gifts will make in the life of a child – and you have the opportunity to be a part of this positive impact with Camp HOPE America.












It was an amazing team effort at this event as these Verizon staff members came together and volunteered their time and energy to contribute to our cause. We were thrilled to witness so much support and enthusiasm for Camp HOPE America from these people who came from every corner of the country. We are tremendously grateful.


Written by Alexa Peterson
Camp HOPE America